Since I moved to Bali, I have been finding many interesting things. In term of places to eat, contrary to some people’s beliefs, not all restaurants in Bali are actually tourist-traps. In fact, we can find decent and  great places without having to spend that much money.
Recently I stopped by this restaurant in Teuku Umar area (famous area to look for food in Denpasar), as we were craving for steak with budget price. The place is not big, but it’s pretty visible thanks to the big banner stating “Kedai Makan Cok” (hence, KMC). It is just like simple ruko type of restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating areas, pretty simple but clean and homey.

KMC stands for Kedai Makan Cok

We picked the indoor seating area, it wasn’t too crowded that time but there were some tables occupied. They have variety of menu; from ribs, steak and fresh seafood. I was surprised to find a shark steak in the menu, but since we were aiming for beef that time, we decided to stick with the beef and come back later for the shark and other fancy food.

Simple yet homey interior
Random wall decoration makes it unique and original

Spring Roll – IDR 7.000+++
Good for starter, crispy and thick fillings.

Tuna Salad – IDR 18.000+++
Fresh and colorful veggies combined with some fruits, topped with chopped tuna. Didn’t like the dressing, though.
Sirloin Steak Jumbo – IDR 47.000+++
My order that day, I chose medium-well with mushroom sauce. The steak was excellent, good portion, juicy and well-grilled. The sauce was nice but a bit watery, tasted perfect.

See how thick their sirloin steak is!

Tenderloin Steak Jumbo – IDR 48.000+++
Again, medium-well with black pepper sauce. Very nice, thick, yet juicy. The sauce was excellent, too.

Juicy and thick, what else do you expect?

Grill Gindara Steak – IDR 37.000+++
Nice, soft and juicy.

They have options of fried and grilled steaks, and fried ones are much cheaper, starting from IDR 12.000+++/portion. Every steak comes with rice or potato, and we can choose the sauce from the options: BBQ sauce, mushroom sauce, black pepper sauce, or herb butter sauce. Next time I go there, I am gonna try the herb butter sauce.

Ice Cream Goreng (Fried Ice Cream) – IDR 12.000+++
Totally delicious!

Ice Lemon Tea – IDR 5.000+++

Chocolate Milk Shake – IDR 15.000+++

Right after our orders were served, a woman whom I believe is the owner, approached us and asked nicely what we think about the food. She asked us to enjoy the food and if there was something wrong or if we needed anything, just let her know and we were just surprised to get such kind of service. It was so nice of her and apparently it was not only us but she did that to every table as much as I observed.

The place is nice, comfortable and they serve great food, like seriously. I wasn’t expecting too much when I went there but boy, how I was wrong! So I will definitely come back and try more of their menu.

*All prices are subject to 10% government tax

KMC BBQ, Ribs and Steak
Jl. Teuku Umar 236
Denpasar, Bali
Tel. 0361-7800504, 08123809503
Twitter: @widyacok (Owner)