Sometime ago, Mr. P treated me for a nice dinner at a fancy and elegant Italian restaurant that we had been aiming for a while. Located in Pacific Place mall, Sopra gives a luxurious vibrant just by looking at it. I would say that it makes a good place for a romantic dining experience, or just casual yet professional business meetings, such as entertaining your clients or even meeting new business partners. They also have a private room, which is visible from the outside. The place looks rich, and the minimal lighting enhances the royal feeling of the room.
Olive oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Parmesan Cheese, Butter
These were the first thing they served on our table after we made our orders. And later, they brought us complimentary bread, which are so fresh, but I still prefer those ones from Pepenero.

Complimentary Bread

Octopus Mesclun Salad – IDR 99.000+++
We picked that because it is one of the recommended antipasti in Sopra. Moreover, I couldn’t really imagine an octopus salad before, so why not? Served with papers of filo pastry and sesame seeds, the salad was surprisingly nice. There are so many flavors just in one dish, salty, sour, bitter, and sweet. Of course the octopus is my favorite ingredients of the salad.

Ravioli “Deep Ocean” – IDR 109.000+++
Mr. P was craving for ravioli that night, so we decided to pick this one from their specialties menu. In fact, we could even choose the sauce, they had two options, but I forgot the other one. We picked tomato sauce almost immediately. Unfortunately, the ravioli is a huge disappointment, as they’re quite hard and dry, have so much of flour taste, and most importantly, they just tasted below standard. 
Krakatoa Pizza (Original) – IDR 115.000+++
The pizza comes in 3 size options and we picked the largest one. Honestly, it was good. I love the smell of burnt chicken meat and the cheese was just fabulous! Okay, here is the ingredients according to the details in the menu: tomato sauce, mozzarella, grilled chicken, mushroom, diced chilli, garlic oil. Pull stop. But one thing that I immediately noticed when it was served: the sweet corn. I was a bit disappointed because for me, sweet corn totally affects tastes of some food. And I don’t really like sweet corn in my pizza, period. If they don’t put olives in the ingredients list, that’s fine, because olives are always connected to Italian food. But sweet corns? Come on. 
Fratelli D’Italia – IDR 89.000+++
We decided to order a dessert platter to complete our dinner that night. And we couldn’t be happier. The platter came with their 4 top specialties from sweet page. From top to bottom: Baba Al Rum, Classic Tiramisu, Pannacotta E Fragole, Cannolo Siciliano.  
The Baba Al Rum is sponge cake soaked with aged rum, served with English sauce and cream. When I had my first bite, I fell in love right away. I could even feel the beautiful taste of the rum because the sponge cake was soaking wet, literally. The cream was perfect. The Classic Tiramisu, I don’t think this famous cake needs any explanation. Just like what I expected, it was real classic one, and I would die for that! Yes, it was that good. The third one is the Pannacotta, which is vanilla flavored, served with caramelized strawberry. This one was wonderful too, with perfect level of sweetness combined with sourness from the strawberry slices. The Cannolo was a masterpiece. The fried dough with sweet ricotta filling and dash of orange totally rocked my dining experience. If I have to choose among these four, I can’t do that, period.


Cannolo Siciliano

Classic Tiramisu
Well, I didn’t get to take the solo pictures of the other two because they were gone so fast from the table, ha! But seeing these pictures again, I so want to go grabbing some sweet escapes from Sopra now. Oh well.
Despite of some disappointments I had that night, it was my first patron there and I still love it. Last but not least, I would recommend this restaurant, enough said.
*All prices are subject to 10% service charge and 10% government tax
SOPRA Ristorante Italiano
Pacific Place 1F Unit 122, 123, 125
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 
Kawasan SCBD
Jakarta, 12190
(021) 5140-0557