A few days ago when I was on my way to my gym in Senayan City, I noticed this bakery shop that wasn’t there before. It then came to my mind that the spot used to be covered with boards showing a giant photo of Won Bin (if I wasn’t mistaken), the South Korean star. “Tous Les Jours” (read: too-le-zhoo) means “Everyday” in French (my teachers would be so proud). I visited a bakery by the same name in the US, but wouldn’t assume anything since the Indonesian Cheesecake Factory is not related at all to the American one. However, it turns out this time they are indeed related. It is still a French-Asian bakery which, after some research, actually originated from South Korea (hence Won Bin, duh). Armed with whatever camera I had with me at that time, I walked into the bakery.

Who can resist “healthy homemade-style cake”??

A line of fresh breads
The breads and cakes looked very fresh. Too bad they didn’t bake many varieties. I grabbed almost each one of the available breads, skipping the cakes altogether for my next visit. The staffs were very friendly when I asked about some unlabeled breads. Apparently I dropped by when they were in the process of labeling all the items.

Pandan Paste Roll – IDR 7,500

Generous paste fillings

Creamcheese Bread – IDR 10,000

Blueberry Creamcheese Bread – IDR 10,000

Next time I’m coming for you, cakes!

Seating & Open Kitchen Areas
The cashier lady told me the bakery was open on December 16th, less than a month ago. She asked if I would like to dine in. Near the cashier there was a small area with chairs and tables, not bad, although spacing out the tables would be a good idea. Across from it was an open-kitchen but they weren’t making anything when I was there. The breads were then wrapped individually as expected. Very nice.

First Impression:
Elegant exterior & interior.
Clean and tempting. Seating area too crowded.
You get what you pay for. Generous & delicious bread fillings. Fresh breads & cakes.
Some items are slightly on the more expensive side.
Friendly and helpful staffs.

Overall I was fairly satisfied with my visit and will definitely go back in the near future. They should offer more items by then.
Wanna know what happens next? See Part 2.

SENAYAN CITY Level 5 Unit 27
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19
Jakarta Selatan 10270

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