I came back for the cakes… and a few extras. Well, without any further ado, here we go.

Cake Box – Pretty neat, huh?

Sweet Potato Mousse Piece – IDR 25,000
Very ordinary, the cake was too dry to my taste. They need to add another topping, especially considering the price.
Black Forest Piece – IDR 25,000
Ms. B was craving for a Black Forest and this cake hit the spot. Mr. P tried a little bit and said the cake was so delicious it was tough to stop eating. Couldn’t agree more. Every part of it seemed to unite quite perfectly.
Cream Cheese Walnut Bread – IDR 26,000
Yeah, you saw it right, IDR 26,000! This delicious thing was huge but was gone within minutes. The cream cheese, walnut, and bread went along very well.

Sausage Donut – IDR 10,000
I was expecting something oily, but it was actually more pastry-like and didn’t leave a bad aftertaste. Recommended.

Square Sausage Pastry – IDR 9,000
It was only half a sausage, to my surprise and disappointment.

Walnut Red Bean Pastry – IDR 10,000
The red bean filling was too sweet for me. The texture was just about right, though.

Banana Cream Cheese Bread – IDR 12,000
Not bad, but get either a cream cheese bread or a bread with banana filling and you get something more memorable.
Garlic Stick – IDR 5,000
This would be what Indonesians call “tanggung”. I have tasted various kinds of garlic breads and all have been better than this. The garlic was tasteless. Couldn’t even tell it was garlic. There is perhaps a better name for this item.
Pizza Toast – IDR 12,000
It’s not worth of the price. Just a few ingredients mixed together. Not recommended.
Mocha Raisin Bread – IDR 12,000
Not bad. Didn’t have the chance to capture the inside since it was gone too fast.
Frankfurt Sausage Roll – IDR 11,000
Just what you would expect from a bread filled with sausage. Nothing special. Too expensive.
Custard Pastry – IDR 7,500
Nothing special.
Happy Banana – IDR 7,000
Seeing this made me happy before and after eating. The banana filling was not too sweet and very pleasant. Highly recommended.
Choco Sora Bread – IDR 6,000
This reminded me of Cannoli (Italian pastry dessert). It tasted different, though. It was like your regular bread with chocolate filling.

That’s all for now! Like I said before, this bakery is one of the better bakeries. Lots of delicious selections and friendly staffs are two of its main strengths. Some items could be more expensive, though, and thus it makes more sense to purchase them somewhere else, but the better items are sure worth the price. This time I chatted with the cashier lady and got the phone number for ordering whole cakes (~20 cm diameter). They make the cakes fresh everyday and you have to pre-order 1 day in advance if the cakes aren’t available in-store.

Here is Part 1 in case you missed it.

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