Today, to celebrate my sister’s birthday, she treated us to have an All-You-Can-Eat feast in Satoo restaurant in Shangri-La Hotel. 🙂
Satoo, often mistaken as a Japanese restaurant, is actually a restaurant which serves all kinds of food, from Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Arabian, Western, you name it. Basically they have a lot of stations which serve all-you-can-eat menu throughout the big hall. Believe me, it’s really A LOT, so if you can’t take much food into your stomach, just forget it. The price itself is kinda cheap compared to what you’ll get when you eat there. For just around Rp. 225.000,-/person, you can pretty much get a taste of each food from 5 continents, which is pretty neat.
I didn’t try all the food today because we arrived there around 1.50pm and the lunch time finished at 2.30pm so we didn’t really have much time to enjoy. We were quite in rush, to be exact, which annoyed me so bad because I don’t like being pushed to finish my meals quickly (but I had no choice!). Another thing was because the stations are “too many” so I felt kinda.. lost, I guess. I didn’t even have any idea which food I wanted to eat after I took 2 plates back to my table. Geez. 
It was soooooooooo darn crowded, today. So I will NOT suggest to go there on weekends, which means you have to reserve a table first if you insist. We almost didn’t get any table, but lucky we got one, although it was like, the one located in the very corner of the place (no kidding!). From our table, we had to walk so far away to reach the first station, which was a turn-down for me. And the worst thing was, although they had so many beautiful foods served right in front of my eyes, I couldn’t take pictures of the food one by one!! Because I didn’t really have time to eat, not to mention taking pictures. T___T 
The big tile sign makes it easy to find.
Warm and cozy interior design.
Sashimi, Temaki, Sushi
Lamb, Beef, Red Snapper, Seafood Gratin

Lamb, Potato Wedges, Naan bread

Sushi Rolls, Unagi, Peking duck rolls

The sashimi was nice, very fresh 🙂
Fettucini Carbonara

Shrimp rolls, Duck, Dumpling

Dessert, yum! The greentea cake is so nice 🙂

Marshmallow+strawberries dipped in chocolate, Indonesian traditional cakes

Bread pudding, Almond strawberry pie, Peach Tart, Oreo Blueberry Muffin

Es Campur

Ice Cream 🙂

Beautiful white chocolate and chocolate fountain
Overall Rating: 8/10
Shangri-La Hotel
Level 1
Kota BNI, Jend Sudirman Kav. 1
Jakarta Pusat
Tel. 6221 574 8493